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If there is a buzz in social, it’s first on Twitter and later somewhere else, on most occasion to the least. The innovative 140 words restricted micro blogging site is the place where the trends are born and go viral. The hashtags are not only a mean to segregate similar tweets but also a medium of identifying potential business reach. Promoting businesses through twitter has been an underrated technique but has yielded great results which includes increase in website traffic, brand awareness, and qualified leads. These factors are crucial to making a brand popular. The aim of Twitter marketing is to widen the ‘Follower’s base’ and utilise it in the best way possible. A fledgling Twitter business page is one of the biggest signs of a quickly growing brand. The main benefits of twitter marketing is instant results with a far reaching consequences. Everything on the twitter platform is instant. For example, a twitter user may raise a query or show interest in a product which may make him tweet about it. The tweet creates a chain reaction where the brand gets shared via automatically as message appears on the walls of the twitter user. If the product is exciting enough, retweets would soon create a buzz which makes it a win-win situation. The probability of this scenario happing is very likely considering that twitter has 70 million users in USA alone. There can no better way of gaining viral exposure than twitter marketing (although the process is no cakewalk). What We Offer? - High Quality Followers - Auto Engagements - Retweets What we cover in our services - Set up and manage one or multiple Twitter accounts - Regular tweets about your discounts or special offers - Regular specials or sales on Twitter - Answer your industry related questions to connect with more and more people - Tweet interesting but relevant updates and content to get others Retweeting and spreading it to their followers - Notification about the events you organize and attend - Check and answer all your messages, invitations and mentions - Schedule automatic updates on your profiles at predetermined times - Wise integration of your website, Facebook, forum, blog and other marketing channels into your account - Use of third party tools such as TweetVolume, TweetDeck and more, to make your twitter marketing highly progressive and productive -Link, run and monitor all your Twitter profiles - Our experts play a vital role in promoting and redistributing precise content. - We have experience of creating successful marketing campaigns - Exceptional ability to measure and analyse campaign’s results. Instagram Advertising Not every brand is same. A chemical manufacturing company staunchly differs from a toy manufacturer. There is coolness factor about the latter product which the former company clearly lacks as it happens to be used for completely industrial purpose. Both needs different kinds of approach and platform. While the chemical manufacturing company can opt for LinkedIn for to increase its reach, the toy manufacturers can utilise Instagram, the photo sharing application that lets users capture and share photographs. This simple platform, launched in 2010, is now one of the strongest marketing platform for products and services that require visual appeal among its users. It has a base of 800 million worldwide users that puts it strength in the same category as Twitter or LinkedIn. Businesses can use Instagram ads and drive broader brand campaigns. Advertising on Instagram can be done via Facebook Power Editor and along with a couple of other options. Instagram Advertising Solutions - divert traffic to relevant sections of client website - implement various ad formats ranging from Photo, Video and Stories - Make users take Call to Action. - Increase mobile app installation - Increase ad engagement - Use precise targeting options to gain better effect. We collect data which reflects the reach and engagements from the ads and report it directly it to the clients to let them conclude the results.

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